Work your way down the field toward opponent’s goal

PAPER FOOTBALL, also known as Paper Soccer is a logical, addictive and challenging game. A traditional paper-and-pencil game, but now you can enjoy it on phone or tablet.

Game rules

The dimension of the game’s pitch is 8 x 10 and has two goal areas of 2 x 1 squares in size.

When the game starts, the ball is positioned in the centre of the pitch. Players alternately move the ball to a new point by drawing a line from its current position to a new one. Each move must be to a point orthogonally or diagonally adjacent. The ball cannot be moved beyond the boundary of the pitch, nor along a line that has already been drawn.

If the ball is moved to an already “visited” point or the perimeter of the pitch, the ball “bounces” and the player immediately takes another turn. The player’s move ends only when the ball reaches a point with no existing lines.

There are 3 winning situations

  • the player places the ball in their opponent’s goal
  • their opponent scores an own goal
  • the ball reaches a point from which it cannot be moved and this is regarded as a loss for the player unable to move

Have you got the app? Now available on Google Play.